Tailgate provides a pickup truck on demand. All you do is enter a pickup and destination address, information about your cargo and order a truck! This works as if you have your own truck, so you are responsible for loading and unloading the cargo. There is an option in the app to select loading assistance from the driver for an extra $10.
The short answer is NO. Tailgate provides curb-to-curb transport. As we mention above, for a $10 fee our drivers will provide loading and unloading assistance at the curb. We will not provide move in assistance up/down the stairs or into buildings. However, our drivers are free to independently agree to this type of activity outside of the application and on set there own fees for this additional service.
There is a baseline fee plus mileage. The baseline fee is $25. There is an in-app option of $10 to pay for load/unload assistance at the curb or driveway as well.
Yes. Anything that requires specialized equipment and expertise like pianos and large appliances. We will not transport anything of high value or easily damaged. We highly recommend hiring professional movers if there is significant value to your cargo. We will not transport hazardous material or live animals.
Nope. Regulations around the Tailgate service prohibit anyone riding with the driver.
This is an optional in-app purchase. You may pay $10 for driver assistance loading and unloading cargo at the curb. It is the driver’s ultimate decision as to whether they assist. If the driver cannot provide loading/unloading assistance and this was selected in the Tailgate app, we will refund the $10 load assistance fee.
Tailgate is designed to provide an on-demand way to transport common items that are too large to fit into a standard car. Examples include tables, patio items, Craigslist acquisitions, construction material, large plants, Christmas trees, this list is endless. There are items that are off-limits such as items of very high value, hazardous materials, and animals. Important: It is the discretion of the driver at any time to determine whether to transport cargo.
Generally, the answer is yes. We do provide the ability to contact the driver directly and potentially, arrangements can be made. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure the driver does not have to wait around or go to extraordinary effort to transport and deliver the user’s cargo.
Just download the app and enter your information. Payment and personal information is stored securely according to the latest data protection protocols.